Posted on Jun 11, 2021

Dr Aditya Sharma (Gold Medalist) M.Ch. Urologist Lucknow, Uro oncologist & Kidney Transplant Specialist India

#renaltumor #RCC #laparoscopicsurgery
Laparoscopic Partial Nephrectomy done for 5 CM large Posterior tumor abutting Renal Hilum close to Renal Vessels and Renal Pelvis.
There were following challenges in this case
1- Diabetic Male post PTCA
2- Moderate Obese
3- tumor in Right Kidney which has shorter Renal vein
4- three Renal Arteries, 2 Renal veins
5- tumor sitting over Renal hilum vessels and Renal Pelvis.

1- 4 port approach ( conventional is 5 ports.
2- vessels feeding tumor Clipped directly
3- only lower pole Artery and vein were clamped for 25 mins so remaining 60% kidney had no Ischemia.
4- tumor Removed intact with adequate tissue margin.
5- as dissection was close to Pelvis a DJ stent was placed.
6- as main renal vein wasn't blocked there was acceptable level of Back bleed..

Excellent support by entire anesthesia and Urology team in this challenging Surgery completed by minimally invasive method.

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