Posted on Feb 17, 2021

Dr Aditya Sharma (Gold Medalist) M.Ch. Urologist Lucknow, Uro oncologist & Kidney Transplant Specialist India


enlarged prostate is common after age of 50 years.
Treatment depends upon symptoms and response to therapy.
Most cases are managed with Lifestyle changes and medication
but cases where some complications are happening like
retention of urine
high post void residual urine
bleeding in urine
Bladder diverticulum formation
Kidney stone formation
Derangement of kidney function

In such cases it is important to do surgical treatment for prostate enlargement
Generally this surgery is done by endoscopic method and is called t u r p
But now With newer Laser technology like holmium laser This surgery is done With LASER And is called holmium Laser ENucleation of prostate.
Laser surgery has a advantage of lesser bleeding early recovery after surgery and lesser chance of recurrence after procedure
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