Posted on Jun 5, 2021

Dr Aditya Sharma (Gold Medalist) M.Ch. Urologist Lucknow, Uro oncologist & Kidney Transplant Specialist India

Urethral Stricture:
Narrowing of Urethra causing obstructed urinary flow.
Trauma: Catheter /Injury/ Instrumentantation
Infection: urine Infection/ Urethritis/ STD
Congenital: with or without Hypospadias
Idiopathic: Unknown reason

Symptoms: Decreased Urine flow
Straining for urination
Recurrent UTI
kidney failure Due to Back Pressure

Diagnosis :

Treatment :
DVIU / OIU : Suitable only for soft
Mucosal stricture Less than 5mm Length
advantage :minimally invasive
Disadvantage :Hugh rate of recurrent stricture.2nd attempt of DVIU has almost100% Failure.

Anastomotic Urethroplasty:for strictures 5mm to 25mm Length.
Advantages : high success rate
Disadvantage : Risk of erectile problems due to urethral transaction.

Substitution ureteroplasty : for stricture not suitable for above methods..
Previous failed Stricture
Buccal mucosa graff is most Common substitution
other options are Penile Skin or Tunica Albuginea

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